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SST 28

The SST 28 SmartSun Therapy™ Device utilizes more than 28,000 Red Light, and Near-Infrared Light LED’s to enhance muscle recovery, reduce pain, reduce the signs of aging, increase blood circulation and more. The SST 28 is also the only device that includes frequency massage . The SST 28 is FDA Registered.

SmartSun Therapy™

SmartSun Therapy™ is a 10-minute treatment that is non-invasive, pain free, with results your clients will see and feel. SmartSun Therapy™ incorporates the most effective combination of therapy lighting into a full-body system designed to increase the many benefits one can receive from this advanced technology.

Optimized for Results

SmartSun Therapy™ benefits resulting from the combination of Red Light, and Near-Infrared Light are best achieved when the lights are within 2-3 inches of the skin. The SST 28’s sleek design places you closer to the light for a more effective treatment with a full-body exposure, unlike other devices found on the market.

What is SmartSun Therapy™?

SmartSun Therapy™ utilizes Red Light, and Near-Infrared Light LED’s in a full-body system designed to place the lights close to the skin to maximize benefits. SmartSun Therapy™ utilizes Photobiomodulation (PBM) which combines red light and infrared light to improve joint health, lower inflammation, reduce pain, and improve blood circulation.  The SST 28 includes frequency massage for an added element of relaxation to the session.

SmartSun Therapy devices and treatments are designed to enhance and promote a healthy lifestyle through the responsible use of red, and infrared light technology. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent specific diseases or medical conditions. The SmartSun Therapy website is created for education and information purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. SmartSun Therapy does not intend these products to treat, cure, or prevent any physiological or psychological conditions solely from their use. A qualified health professional should be consulted prior to using these products. | ©2022 Smart Light Therapy.  Privacy Policy